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The Path of Pollen
Workshops and Trainings

The Path of PollenThe Path of Pollen is a vibrant and vital gynocentric shamanic tradition that works with the honeybee and the hive as its central motif and living glyph. Due to its gynocentricity, all the teaching events offered are taught for women, by women.

These courses are progressive, and those women wishing to undertake the year-long training Arte Triptych Melissae must first complete The Way of the Melissae workshop. Those women considering The Pollen Method training must first have successfully completed the Arte Triptych Melissae training. In 2012 a new Path of Pollen retreat was added to the curriculum, Melissae Lyceum Lectorum and a further advanced course - The Trembling Veil & The Roar of the Roses – is open to any woman who has completed any single Path of Pollen workshop or training.

The Way of the Melissae – A workshop for women

with Naomi Lewis assisted by India Rose Waters

The Way of the Melissae is a well-trodden path for distaff members of the European shamanic tradition known as The Path of Pollen. This workshop offers a rare opportunity to work directly with women from The Path of Pollen who will be sharing teachings that have traditionally been passed down ‘from mouth to ear’.

Central to the tradition is the magical formula known as Six-Hex-Sex which is embodied and expressed by the Melissae in her role as Priestess and as Pythoness – a specific oracular mode of magnetic trance – and training in the veiled ways of the Priestess and Pythoness will be emphasised during this teaching event.

The Melissae utilise little-known arcane methodologies to move into liminal zones, in-between places of ‘neither-niether’ – where the three-fold structure of sisterhood ‘cells’ can be encountered and its denizens met, namely the Sisterhood of the Spinners, the Sisterhood of the Wise Maidens and the Sisterhood of the Fey.

Each of these sisterhoods holds a particular body of teaching, orientated towards encouraging the student to become both the flower, the flow-er and the pollinator of honeyed wisdoms. Participants will also be introduced to the apis-codex, being a guide to living the fullest of lives in accordance with the Path of Pollen.

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DATES: Friday 4th – Tuesday 8th December 2015
Friday 15th – Tuesday 19th April 2016
Friday 2nd – Tuesday 6th December 2016
VENUE: The Sacred Trust Teaching Centre, Dorset
FEE: £685 inc VAT (fully residential; fee includes accommodation, food and tuition)

Maximum Number of Participants: 24

Please Note: The Way of the Melissae workshop is the prerequisite for all other Path of Pollen courses & trainings.

Arte Triptych Melissae – A Training for Women

Arte Triptych Melissae is a private, three-part training for women in the ways of the distaff members of The Path of Pollen, the Melissae. The Melissae draw their inspiration from a different spring than most: it is an arcane discipline, a vein, an underground working – difficult to trace but easy to recognise once encountered. The training itself is imparted in three folds, each educating the participant in the ways and wiles of one of the three sisterhoods associated with the Pollen Way.

Here, specific meditations and ceremonial practices that revolve around the Lemniscatic Volatus – the Dance of Infinite Flight - are imparted and utilised to move between worlds and step outside and beyond the circles of time. Students will be stretched so that they might reach through the surface of the tradition, accessing practical applications of the work to be applied to themselves and others. Within these practices and accompanying ceremonial work and ritual action, a path is laid leading to physical and metaphysical health and simultaneously a pilgrimage is made towards a vital and radiant life and the tableaux of honey and sting.

This training is being led by the Educational Director of The Sacred Trust, Naomi Lewis.

This training is now full for 2015. For those women interested in applying to undertake the next Arte Triptych Melissae training commencing in 2016, please contact Naomi Lewis at The Sacred Trust.

Please Note: To attend this training you must have completed the The Way of the Melissae workshop.

Melissae Lyceum Lectorum – A Ten-day Immersion Retreat for Women


This ten day training retreat is designed to allow participants to experience an in-depth immersion into the distaff line of the Path of Pollen over an extended period of days and nights. Unlike other Path of Pollen workshops and trainings, it offers the opportunity for participants to live, move and have their beings in a similar fashion to the classical model and manner of the Melissae when residing together as a 'cell'.

On this immersion training, there will be three cells of six women, each being looked over and guided by an initiate of the Path of Pollen. Each day will carry a precise ritual order to it, weaving together three aspects or 'rays' that hold particular import within the bee tradition namely: Love, Power and Wisdom. Each day will commence with prayer, followed at midday and evening when certain salutations to the hidden teachers are offered.

Each of the ten days will also have as part of its focus one of the Ten Nektars of the Flow-er, moving up to and beyond what flows on from the Tenth Nektar, being the abditory teachings regarding miraculous birth or parthenogenesis. The work will include healing practices, working with the hives, labiomancy and lampadomancy as well as initiatory work using the oniricell, being a hexagonal structure used for merging and dreaming work.

This immersion retreat calls for a high level of commitment, and we therefore call only to those women who consider themselves ready for the metamorphosis that will carry them ever deeper into a life lived passing back and forth through the golden and honeyed veils.

This retreat is open by invitation only and enquires should be directed to Naomi Lewis at The Sacred Trust.

The Trembling Veil & The Roar of the Roses

with Naomi Lewis and assisted by India Rose Waters

nullThere is a pythoness in every one of us, and a Delphic cavern,
      namely our imagination, into which we must retire if we
are to accomplish anything of worth.null
JFC Fuller

Within the Path of Pollen the expression 'The Trembling Veil' refers not only to the diaphanous liminal divide that exists between the physical and non-physical supernal worlds, but also to the metaphysical or spiritual hymen that dwells within all women, irregardless of their sexual standing, be they maiden or menarche, crone or scarlet woman. Comprehending and engaging with a living knowledge of this interior veil allows any woman to step into the status of virgin ('innocent one') repeatedly. Journeying into this visceral knowing is initiated by undertaking an especial ceremony of womb sanctification and sacred reclamation of the distaff Cavern of Creation; which - once embraced and completed — brings about a 'roar' from the attendant interior stars or roses, as they are referred to in this context.

Each woman attending will engage with the central ceremony of womb empowerment, purification & blessing, together with other practices from the Path of Pollen that have not been previously shared outside the tradition, all of which will be woven together lemniscatically as we continue to traverse this funambulatory path.

DATES: Friday 13th May – Monday 16th May 2016
VENUE: The Sacred Trust Teaching Centre, Dorset
FEE: £585 inc VAT (fully residential; fee includes accommodation, food & tuition)

Maximum Number of Participants: 24

This course is fully booked, those wishing to go on a waiting list or receive details of the next opportunity to attend please click here

Please Note: To attend this workshop you must have completed the The Way of the Melissae workshop.

The Pollen Method™

The Pollen Method™ Practitioner Training is a two-year training in a remarkably potent hands-on healing method from The Path of Pollen, designed for use within professional private practice for life changing client-practitioner work. The Pollen Method itself is a technique offering the client the opportunity to arrive at a rare totality of well-being, wherein physical and emotional ailments are addressed and healed, kinks in the psyche are ironed out and a profound harmony is restored, leading to the revelation of the True Countenance and the opportunity to be remembered and reconnected into the greater hidden universe once again, a state that is experienced before birth, but rarely so after.

Vastly different from other healing methods, there are a number of distinguishing features to the Pollen Method that set it apart it from other therapeutic modalities. Firstly, its practitioners are exclusively female, due to the importance that the womb plays in the method, being an agent of healing and a vessel of awesome intelligence, able to sense, scan, witness and inform the practitioner. Secondly, the majority of each Pollen Method session takes place in complete darkness, darkness being an important ally and teacher in the workings of this holistic practice, better able to reveal the luminosity of the client to the practitioner and the client alike.

The starting premise of this training is that within the Path of Pollen it is recognised that the human being is a system of energy and this energy circulates in channels known as the invisible veins, which in turn are connected to the energy veins of the Earth which connect to the invisible veins of the universe, creating a vast web of life, in which everything is connected to everything else.

This training is open to a maximum of twelve (12) students and is made up of 6 residential components, taught at The Sacred Trust Teaching Centre. Those women interested in being considered for the training should contact Naomi Lewis at The Sacred Trust.